Angie Lassiter 2020

I am called to encourage and build up the body of Christ through local and foreign missions and to bring peace to others by teaching the Word of God and ministering inner healing.  God is calling me to live out my purpose in Nairobi, Kenya through a local church.  I will work with Karen Vineyard Church to build an inner healing ministry team; equipping and training lay leaders.  The goal is to eventually pass the ministry off to the local leader God raises up.  

I will also be oveerseeing the church's community groups.  The goal being to train teir leaders and ensure the ministry maintains the mission and vision of the church.  

Another part of my outreach will be to join Nehemiah International Ministry on short term trips to other areas to raise up and train leaders for inner healing ministries.  Trips will be to Nepal, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, and Brazil during 2020 ad 2021.


Suggested Donations

Partner Monthly Donation $30 Donate
Help fund Short term trip $500 Donate
Assist in Start Up or Transitional Costs $100 Donate

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