Product Features

Feature One

(Screenshot: Fundraising page for a campaign)

Create a compelling campaign showcasing your videos, photos, and storyline in just a few minutes. Add giving levels if you want prospective donors to easily select the amount they want to give and apply their gift to a certain area.

When you are finished, publish your campaign on your very own donation website and share it with your friends and family through social media and email. To reach even more donors and raise more money, recruit your friends and family as fundraisers, have them create a personalized fundraising page, and then share it with their personal network.

To take your campaign to the next level, ask businesses to become corporate sponsors and give them different options where they can see the benefit they would receive at each level. Give your corporate sponsors exposure to all your potential donors by publishing their logo and company information on your campaign.

Other crowdfunding features include:

  • Campaign updates as important moments happen;
  • A view of how fundraisers and teams are doing;
  • A list of who has given to your campaign;
  • A map to display the location of your campaign;
  • The ability to share your campaign on social media;
  • Responsive page design that displays on all devices.

Feature Two

(Screenshot: Status update email)

Most nonprofits communicate to their donors from an organizational level rather than a campaign level. This usually takes the form of wordy email newsletters that combines the latest results from all the campaigns in the organization. Because these types of newsletters are time-consuming, many people don't have the time to send regular updates. As a result, donors are far more likely to be one-time givers because they don't know the impact that their gifts are making.

With DonorRise's Status Update and Email Newsletter feature, you can now easily communicate campaign-specific updates directly to the donors who made it happen. Because of the simplicity of this feature, you can create shorter, more frequent updates as the moment happens. What this means is that donors can know the impact of their gift, increasing the chances that they will give again.

The Status Update and Email Newsletter feature includes:

  • The ability to add status updates for campaigns;
  • Automatic email creation for new status updates;
  • The ability to configure when emails are sent;
  • Manual email creation of status updates;
  • The ability to track email opens and clicks;
  • Ads for other campaigns at the bottom of emails;
  • Customized newsletters from status updates.

Feature Three

(Screenshot: A contact's profile page)

Easily manage donor activity from your crowdfunding campaigns, your online-donation form, and all of your offline donations.

Since DonorRise is also an all-in-one solution, you can say goodbye to islands of spreadsheets and disconnected data. Now all of your online and offline donations, your donor communication, donor management, and reporting flows together seamlessly.

Donor Management features include:

  • Online and offline donations;
  • Contact management;
  • Pledge management;
  • Organization tracking;
  • Household grouping;
  • MailChimp integration.

Feature Four

(Screenshot: The dashboard that is displayed on sign in.)

DonorRise's reporting and analytics features enable you to make smarter decisions based upon real-time data. From the moment you login, the dashboard summarizes some of the most important information your organization needs to move forward intelligently. With the dashboard, you will always know how well you are retaining donors, how many donors have given, how many new donors you have reached, what your giving patterns look like, who your top donors and fundraisers are, the best performing campaigns, and the most recent donations that you need to acknowledge.

Some of the reports included are:

  • An organization summary for making smarter decisions;
  • A donor summary for analyzing giving patterns;
  • Donor details of who gave what to where and when;
  • A list of outstanding pledges to help with uncollectables;
  • Year-end tax receipts;
  • Customized newsletters to let donors know their impact;
  • Campaign breakdowns to analyze effectiveness;
  • Snapshots to gauge fundraiser success.

Full Feature List


  • Simple campaign creation with photos and videos
  • One-time and recurring donations
  • Optional map showing the campaign's location
  • Giving levels
  • Automatic thank-you emails
  • View and export donations
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Fundraising teams
  • Sub-campaigns (ex: child sponsorships)
  • Responsive page design that displays on all devices

Donor Retention

  • Status updates
  • Status update emails
  • Tracking of email opens and clicks
  • Configuration of automatic emails per campaign
  • Assign donors to specific campaigns

Donor Management

  • Online and offline donations
  • Contact management
  • Pledge management
  • Organization tracking
  • Household grouping
  • Recent donations listed for acknowledgement
  • MailChimp integration

Other Features

  • Dashboard to help you make more smarter decisions
  • Reports that help you analyze your organization's effectiveness
  • Reports that help you manage your donor activity
  • An online donation form with a 0% DonorRise fee
  • Non-profit branding to match your crowdfunding pages with your organization's branding
  • Domain masking which hides from the url

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