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Surrounding the Azlynn Noelle Children’s Home are many orphans, semi-orphans and street children. The problems of orphans and street children are augmented by urbanization and industrialization. Due to deaths by HIV/AIDS, remarriage of deserted, widowed and divorced women, as well as the absence of love and security in families, these children are left without care and support. ANCH exists to rescue these children by providing care, support, protection and good education. Read More...
India is home to over 20,000,000 orphans every year. Our orphanage is providing a safe-loving home to rescued children of all ages. Providing these children with medical care, food & clothing, support, protection and education. Your monthly commitment allows to improve our quality of care and, one day soon, open our doors & hearts to hundreds more. 
Our current facility is less than 1,000 sq ft for all 84 children and their caregivers. Showers are taken outside and, for the past year , we have had to rent a small house to shelter and care for the girls in our growing family. 
To grow, our mission needs to purchase land to allow development of a playground & a permanent sleeping quarters for the girls... A place for them to call their own. 
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